Southern Cross by Patricia Cornwell – Book Review *spoiler alert*

Southern Cross is the sequel to Hornet’s Nest and, because I took such perverse joy in how much I disliked Hornet’s Nest, but enjoyed reading the bad writing, I dove in to Southern Cross. It did not disappoint – and what I mean by that is that it was also pretty darn terrible. Although I found the story made a lot more sense, and I did like the way several different plotlines tied together.

We have Hammer, Brazil and West back together, for some reason all three have been transplanted to Richmond, Virginia (which is the setting of many of Cornwell’s Scarpetta series). I say for some reason – it’s to clean up the Richmond Police in the same way they did in Charlotte. However… Hornet’s Nest showed no sign of this, and actually, neither does this book. I can really see no reason for a change of location. There are several crimes, there is a whole lot of misunderstandings (which I think might be the alleged comedy of the book, however I think misunderstanding ‘coon hunting’ which is racoon hunting for the potential lynching of black people was not at all humorous) and then there was the bigotry seen a lot in the previous book. And the unconvincing sexual tension. Oh, and the strange cat scenes from the previous book have been slightly replicated in this one, only it’s now a dog. Yup. And yet… I feel compelled to read the third in the trilogy. I blame lockdown… more time at home to make unusual reading choices.

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