Isle of Dogs by Patricia Cornwell – Book Review *spoiler alert*

The third of the Hornet’s Nest Series, Isle of Dogs has one particularly strange change – one of the three main characters, West, has disappeared. Not only is she missing, but she’s not mentioned, I think, at all. If this were a television series, or movies, I’d suspect that the actor chose to walk or was booted. But… it’s a book. I feel that the audience is really owed an explanation about that. The other thing that was kind of odd is that there was a scene with Scarpetta, so this suggests that Cornwell is putting these books into the world of Scarpetta and I think, given they are such different books, that was a very strange choice.

So it’s now Hammer and Brazil and a whole lot of confusing stuff going on in a small island town off the coast of Virginia. I would suggest if you are from Tangier, don’t read this. The characterisation of the people from this small community is appalling, although given the various forms of bigotry seen in the two other books of this series, It’s unsurprising.

For my sense of completion, I’m glad I’ve read all three. But given how short life is and how many good crime books there are out there, I’d say steer very clear of these three!

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