The Shepherd’s Hut by Tim Winton (Book Review)

Jaxie is a teenager living in rural Australia who flees home after his father dies in an accident which he thinks he might be blamed for. He heads out into outback Western Australia, luckily with some hunting skills, intent on getting to Lee, and escaping somewhere with her. When he ends up in the middle of nowhere at the home of an exiled priest, things take a turn.

I run hot and cold with Tim Winton. He writes beautifully, and crafts wonderful characters, but sometimes I just don’t like them. I’m torn with this one. I found Jaxie a very hard character to like, but Winton gave me a really empathy with him and his situation. And then the book got a bit strange, and then it just ended and I was left wanting more. I wanted to know what happened to Jaxie next. I feel like it just left me in the middle of nowhere with him.

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