Trick of the Dark by Val MCDermid – Book Review

After falling into disgrace in the world of psychology, Charlie is relegated to exam supervision and other lesser tasks at her university. In addition to this, she’s developed an attraction to a woman who is not her wife. When the opportunity comes up to investigate a perceived mishandling of justice at Oxford University, the place where she was education, and where the other woman lives, Charlie is drawn away from her home. But things are not clean cut, and she finds herself unable to extract herself until she finds the answers she is looking for.

I’m a fan of McDermid, but I felt that this book had a few plot hole issues that I found difficult to ignore. Overall, it was a good mystery with red herrings, mis-rememberings and reveals that were very engaging. However, to thoroughly enjoy it, I needed to push aside my scepticism about certain aspects, and felt that perhaps had parts been reframed in some way, I would have believed it more.

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