Let It Snow (2019) Film Review

It’s a super snowy day in small town USA, right close to Christmas. There’s a boy in love with his best mate, only she is kind of seeing someone else, there’s a girl who ends up accidentally spending the day with a super-famous musician when their train ends up stuck in the snow and they wander off together. And there’s a girl who’s spent some fun time with another girl, but when the second girl is out with her popular mates, she barely acknowledges the first girl’s existence. Oh, and a young DJ who is trying to become known by throwing a party and having a famous DJ turn up. It’s a lot, the stories kind of overlap, and come together in a stupidly long and unnecessary party scene.

Based on a fun book with three connected shorts by three excellent YA authors (John Green, Lauren Myracle and Maureen Johnson), I thought this would be a lot of fun. And it sort of was, although it felt really flat, and I found it very hard to differentiate between a few of the actors. But I’m very aware that I’m not the audience for this film, if I was a young teenager, perhaps I’d have loved it.

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