The Princess Switch (2018) Film Review

I would not have watched this were it not for the “Six Flicks of Christmas” podcast with Nikki Britton and Laura Hughes. Two awesome Aussie comics who do a podcast watch party and a review. I watched the film listening to the watch party and it was a hilarious way to watch it – I intend, in the year-long lead up to Christmas, to watch the next two Princess Switch films the same way.

So, the story is that baker Stacy (Vanessa Hudgens) ends up in the Kingdom of Belgravia for an international baking contest, but when she bumps into Lady Margaret (also Vanessa Hudgens) who is engaged to the Prince, she is convinced to swap lives for a couple of days. Lady Margaret does this to live like an ‘ordinary person’ – and consequently spends two days with Stacy’s best mate and his daughter, so… spends the two days with two American tourists… not a normal person of Belgravia. And that’s only part of the ridiculousness of the film. But, a good old switcherooo… I didn’t mind this film too much at all. Not sure how I would have gone without the funnies in my headphones, though…

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