Carrie Soto is Back by Taylor Jenkins Reid – Book Review

If you’re following in the world that Taylor Jenkins Reid has created in her previous books, you’ll know that Carrie Soto is the world champion tennis player who had an affair with one of the characters in Malibu Rising. In this book, realising her record for most Grand Slam wins is about to be broken, she mounts a comeback.

It’s a good book but, for me, too much tennis. That’s a stupid criticism in that a book which is all about a tennis comeback is going to have to have a lot of tennis, and the author has tied it in with the emotional journey off the court, and overall, it’s a solid read. I was somewhat put off by an incorrect fact which was missed in fact checking and made me very grumpy. (The fact in question… Rod Laver Arena was renamed this in 2000. Having a character walk onto it in the nineties was not possible. Amazing that a little thing like that can rile me up so much) I’m not sure that it necessarily coloured my overall judgement… but it might have a bit. Anyway, it was fine, I did enjoy it, and I’m kind of enjoying guessing who her next story might be about. I have my thoughts.

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