Everyone in this Room Will Someday be Dead by Emily R. Austin – Book Review

Gilda is struggling, unable to hold down a regular job in part due to her untreated anxiety and death fixation, she decides to try to get some free therapy from a flyer she finds randomly, only accidentally gets a job as a receptionist in a Catholic church, scared to admit that she wasn’t after a job, or that being a lesbian, they might not want her there. However, when she becomes embroiled in the life of the previous, now deceased, receptionist, things get tricky.

I struggled to fully connect with this book, and part of the reason was that it had a very similar tone to Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, and so in my brain it was set in the UK, but then every now and then something clearly American was happening and so I just couldn’t reconcile these two things. I think it is a good book, and certainly looking at Good Reads, it’s highly rated and seems to loved by many. It just wasn’t the book for me.

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