End of Days Trilogy  by John Birmingham – Audio Book Review

Zero Day Code, Fail State, American Kill Switch

America is in disaster. A series of calculated cyber-attacks have meant that the food chain has collapsed, banking has collapsed, people’s reputations have been ruined and, very quickly, society falls to pieces. Communication has gone, so the fates of the rest of the world is largely unknown. Birmingham follows the lives of several people and groups of people as they try to find safety, to find power, to defeat evil and to find out how they can create new societies and survive.

I listened to this over several months on my drive home from work, and while there were parts and characters that I found somewhat absurd, I was mostly very drawn in. Fast paced, violent, often unpredictable – I loved it. It was both the best and worst of human nature, and the best and worst of the US (particularly as seen by an outsider). I’m not sure I’d recommend it for a wide audience, but if you’re into fast action books, go for it.

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