Cloud Cuckoo Land by Anthony Doerr – Book Review

I feel like this plot has so many strands over several time periods that attempting to do a brief summary could never do it justice, so I won’t. Doerr has created a series of characters who I loved and wanted to succeed in a variety of times and places. I was super confused at times, but was never upset by it because his writing is beautiful and I was happy to keep on reading it.   I’m on a readers group on Facebook and this book often comes up, and really polarises the audience – many, like me love it and rave about it. Many hate it and felt it wasted their time – it is a massive read, so it’s a lot of effort to put in and not enjoy it. Having done that myself with other books, I get it. Often, people say they have started and don’t get it, and aren’t sure if they want to persist. My advice is for this is that if you’re not enjoying it, stop. I found it worthwhile and loved how it all came together, but plenty of people don’t. I hope more people loved it than hated it.

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