An Absolutely Remarkable Thing by Hank Green – Book Review

When a couple of twenty-somethings make a YouTube video about a mysterious, 10-foot-tall robot artwork that they nickname Carl, they have no idea of the impact this will have on their lives. Firstly, it’s not really an artwork, but no-one is all that sure about what it is. Secondly, there are Carls in cities across the globe, and it is unknown where they came from and why they are there. Thirdly, their video goes viral. April, the face of the video, becomes internationally renowned and she and her best friend Andy, who filmed it, want to keep the buzz going. Are they going to need to save the world?

This is such a fun, action packed read. I only recently discovered the pleasure that is Hank Green through TikTok. He is a science communicator in a super-engaging way, and between him and his brother, author John Green, they do so much good in the world. So when I stumbled across this book in an op shop, I was delighted. I’d highly recommend it for YA Sci-fi lovers of any age.

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