Spiderhead (2022) Film Review

Jeff (Miles Teller) is one of a group of prisoners in an experimental prison facility who are being experimented on by Abnesti (Chris Hemsworth). He is trialling a series of drugs which induce particular emotions and reactions, including love and terror. However when Jeff starts to challenge Abnesti on his methods and motivations after one trial goes tragically wrong, things start to unravel.

I had heard terrible things about this, and went in expecting a disaster of a film. Instead, I found I really liked it. I liked the way it was set up, the problematic ethics of the whole scenario and the way the characters interacted. It had that particular style of certain near-future sci-fi films that I really like; things like The Circle (2017), Swan Song (2021) and even some episodes of Black Mirror. It comes back to me and keeps me thinking. I like that in a film.

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