Something’s Gotta Give (2003) Film Review *spoiler alert*

Erica (Diane Keaton) is an older woman quite set in her ways and enjoying her later (or mid-to-later) years. When her daughter, Marin(Amanda Peet), brings a much older man, Harry (Jack Nicholson) to their holiday house expecting it to be empty, Erica and her best mate, Zoe (Frances McDormand) are shocked and a bit repulsed. After a heart attack, Harry has to remained bedridden. Marin leaves and Erica, apparently unable to say no or find an appropriate alternative, lets him stay with her. Oh, and then there’s Doctor Julian (Keanu Reeves) who despite the age difference, is enamoured with Erica who cant believe it. Of course, Erica and Harry end up having a fling but it doesn’t last, and she and Julian start dating. Sometime later, she and Julian are in Paris, Harry goes and crashes their date and ultimately, despite Harry being a horrible man and Julian being wonderful, Erica choses Harry. Because older women don’t deserve to be treated well? Because old men can get what they want regardless of being assholes? I hated this movie so much on so many levels. At least I got to see Frances McDormand a bit. That almost made it better. Ugh. I hope that if this film came out now it would be panned, but I suspect maybe not.

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