Shirley (2020) Film Review

Shirley Jackson (Elizabeth Moss) is a reclusive writer living with her husband Stanley (Michael Stuhlbarg), a college professor, in a huge house. When Fred (Logan Lerman) takes up a position at the college, he and Rose (Odessa Young) take a room temporarily in the house. However Shirley’s poor temper and anti-social behaviour has driven away the household help and Rose is convinced to give up her educational ambitions and take care of Shirley and the house.

This is such an odd film. I watched it with a good friend and at the end, neither of us were quite sure we knew what happened. Time is confusing, events are confusing, there seems to be an overlap of dreams and reality. Yet despite this, I kind of liked it? Clearly, I haven’t quite convinced myself. We watched it being curious about Shirley Jackson, expecting maybe a kind of biopic. Not sure what I watched. Not sure if I’d recommend it. Not sure about much!

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