The Alphabet of a Thousand. A Thank You.

This is post number one thousand for ireckonthat. What started as an experimentation in blogging and money has moved through a major procrastination and into a general film, TV and book diary for myself, and if you like it, awesome. But today, as a thank you to anyone who has followed this, or reads it, or just stumbles across it, here is the alphabet of a thousand – I have put 1000 into google images followed by a letter and taken the first option given.

So, 1000 a = 1000 armed kannon.



1000 bill



1000 cranes


1000 dollar bill


1000 elephants


1000 Forms of Fear



1000 games


1000 HP Honda Odyssey



1000 Islands



1000 Jefferson Hobken


1000 kisses




1000 mph car


1000 note


1000 Ocean Boca Raton


1000 peso bill


1000 questions


1000 rupee note


1000 steps beach


1000 to 1


1000 US dollar bill




1000 ways to die


1000 xmr


1000 yard stare


1000 zasto


Amazing Facepainting

Forget about a tiger or a butterfly – it is amazing what people can do with a face and a bit of make-up. Here are some cool ones I found before becoming too upset at the number of extremely violent and scary Halloween ones (think unzipping faces to reveal muscles, cut aways, bites, and all very, very realistic-looking)


Putting a work of art on your face was pretty popular, like this American Gothic representation. The eyes on this freak me out.  But the Kiss one – that’s just beautiful!


I’m not sure who would want to dress up as either popcorn or a pineapple (perhaps a ‘p’ themed party?) but it’s good to know you can if you want to.

face paint art -fish-1

Aw, sweet. A couple’s costume. No wait… Argh!




I think these guys are almost cheating given the things which have been added on, but wow!


Starting to get creepy. Here are a couple more creepy ones:

amazing_face_painting_7253 hqdefault


And finally, an amusing and kind of sweet one.





What’s a girl to do when she wants style and weapons?

Anyone who knows me well knows I love high fashion items, and I don’t want to have to compromise my looks for some good-old violent self-defence. Luckily, Google Images did not disappoint.



These guys clearly give me a wide range of colour options without compromising on brand. That’s important to me. But sometimes, I want something with all the bling, but that will go with anything. For all my daily outfit changes. What better than gold?


Not violent enough?



Need greater range? Perhaps wanting to take out a rival’s helicopter?



It’s not all about firepower, though. Sometimes, what I really want is to have a variety of defences.



To fit in a cheeky clutch?



And finally, for the zombie apocalypse.



Of course, I’ll need to rethink all of this for next season. I can only hope that peace isn’t the next big fashion item.





A friend introduced me to a group on Facebook, #amonthof. It’s a group which has a series of prompts each day and you can respond any way you want – photos, poems, writing, whatever. For January 5, the prompt was ‘gathered’ and I was totally and utterly stumped. Then I remembered Google Images. Phew! This is certainly not as funny as some of the searches I’ve done, but I like it. Especially because it started with my favourite bird.

Screen shot 2013-01-05 at 5.41.29 PM1. Pelicans

2. Organza choker with gathered white satin centre strip

3. Members of the Citizens Assembly

4. & 5. Magazine cover – Gathered by Mollie Makes

6. Gathered for a traditional Chinese meal

7. Gathered with gauze montage

8. Friends gathered around actress Maria Rangel

9. Fans gather to celebrate Michael Jackson’s life

10. Gathered crop cardigan

11. Embroidered edging gathered and beaded

12. Gathered dust ruffle for crib

13. People gathered in square in Xagra

14. Gathered pillow

15. Templates from Mollie Makes

16. Gathered velvet cushion smoke

17. Polly gathered corset dress

18. Flamingos gathered in Kenya

19. A small crowd gathered

20. Oh, it’s the dust ruffle again

21. One shoulder gathered diamonte

22. Stenciled gathered flowers

23. Three office workers gathered around a PC

24. Gathered velvet cushion sapphire

25. Magazine cover – Gathered y Mollie Makes

26. Satin strapless softly curved neckline

27. Gathered front top

28. The castles new family gathered



Worst Book Covers

It’s been a while since I’ve done a good old Google images search. This time, I put in Worst Book Covers, but I think this has also shown worst book titles. Here’s the first page of the search.1. The Rifleman. There’s a child holding a log of wood in a particularly suggestive location in front of a cowboy. That’s creepy.

2.Satan Burger. It’s a bum. Kinda crouched over a plate. I don’t want to look too closely.

3. Moment of Truth. I wasn’t sure why this came up until I read the post it was attached to that asks what she is doing with her hand…

4. The Big Book of Lesbian Horse Stories. Lesbian horses?

5. Song of Albion. There’s a ghost man leaking out of the other man’s chest. Weird.

6. Cooking with Pooh. It doesn’t say Cooking with Poo. But that’s what people are reading.

7. Invisible Dick. Enough said.

8. Tarzan. He appears to be seducing the little monkey.

9. How to Avoid Huge Ships. Second Edition.

10. Games You Can Play with your Pussy. Hilarity going back to the ‘Are You Being Served?’ days.

11. The Worst Book I Ever Read. There’s a little snake/vine creature spitting in the lady’s face.

12. Zombie Raccoons and Killer Bunnies.

13. The Beginner’s Guide to Sex in the Afterlife. Some titles really need no comment.

14. Fellow Fags.

15. Scouts in bondage. At least, one of them is in a river.

16. A random picture of Robocop. Should be one in every search.

17. The Best Dad is a Good Lover. Oh dear.

18. It’s a man and a tractor. Awesome.

19. Mikhail Gorbachev is Gog and Magog. The Biblical Antichrist. Interestingly (I reckon) I was in Melbourne’s Royal Arcade and saw the statues of Gog and Magog. They’re cool.

20. What’s Your Poo Telling You? Shit jokes, I reckon.

21. I Knocked Up Satan’s Daughter.

22. Eat the Document. With a picture of the body of a woman with erect nipples wearing an ugly jumper and jeans combo. Black and white, no idea why.

23. If ‘Fancy Coffins’ doesn’t get you, read the small print. ‘To Make Yourself.’ Yup, homemade coffins.

24. Good-bye, Testicles. I want to read this one. The dog looks really sad to be losing his testicles.

25. The Long Journey of Mister Poop. Bet it’s crap.

26. Forth on the Atari. Learn by using. I think Forth must be a computer game. I love that the word ‘Forth’ is carved from rock and being held up by a he-man type character. Without the cool blond bob, that is.

27. Sir Dominic Flandry. What a great name for a book. Not sure about the weird nakedness of the woman behind the man with the sword. Is she nude? Maybe. Maybe not. No-one can tell.

28. Ugly Book Cover Love. It’s not so ugly.

29. Are Women Human? I’d take a stab in the dark and say yes.

There were heaps of good covers on the second page, but my favourite by far is this one:

It’s the question we’ve all been asking ourselves for aeons. The lesson to be learned from all of this? Sometimes, you should judge a book by the cover.