1001 books to read before you die. Or possibly die trying. Where I begin

1001 books to read before you die

I came across this blog when I was looking for a cover image for Catcher in the Rye, and I like it. Go check it out. Here’s a young dude (condescending? Why not. I think I’ve reached the age to be condescending to anyone below thirty. And loathed by them too) who likes to read and is attempting to get through this list of classics. I’m going to go through it once in a while and see what I’ve read and what I want to.

I haven’t looked at the whole list, just from the start. I have to say that I was quite saddened to see that it is not numbered, but that’s no stress. Today, I thought I’d see what the first book that I had read was. So annoyed that it is Jane Austen. I can’t stand Austen. Masnfield Park was one of my Year 12 lit books. Mrs Bott did manage to get me to like The Great Gatsby, but couldn’t convince me on Mansfield Park. Maybe I’ll try it again one day. If only I hadn’t read that, I would have been way cooler, because the next one I’ve read is Frankenstein. That is a way cool book.

Perhaps I’ll try to read all 1001. Probably not. But I’m happy to set you some challenges – first – tell me what the first one you have read off the list, and was it good?