A Castle for Christmas (2021) Film Review

For whatever reason, this year I decided to watch some Christmas movies and see if they are as bad as I expected them to be. Well… this was a doozie.

Sophie (Brooke Shields) is a bestselling author of a romance series, but is being hounded by her fans because she killed off the male love interest in her most recent book. To escape the spotlight, she goes to Scotland, her grandfather’s town, to visit the castle where he (or his father? I got a little confused on fathers and grandfathers) worked. Arriving in the town, she makes friends with a bunch of locals who have a craft group, and finds that the castle is owned by a handsome but annoying lord, Myles (Cary Elwes). However, he is on hard times and needs to sell… and Sophie has a lot of money. What could possibly happen.

This was terrible on pretty much every level. I think when you have a film set in Scotland but can barely find a Scottish actor, even amongst the extras, it’s probably not a good sign. Also, if you struggle to make sense of the plot, in particular why any of the disagreements are happening, that’s also not good. Add in some real unnecessary detail, like Sophie having mad hair skills for no real reason, and a random maybe red herring that is seen once and then never referred to again, and you have a real mess of a film. But there is a singing scene in a pub which becomes a regular sign for a true Christmas film… regardless of the quality of the film…