A Mad Zombie Party by Gena Showalter – Book Review

This is the fourth in the Alice in Zombieland series, the books set in a world where : zombies are creatures who can only be seen by a select few, the slayers; slayers can push their spirit out of their bodies to fight and kill the zombies; there is an evil organisation intent on harnessing the zombies for their own evil purposes and also are trying to kill a heap of the slayers. Also, they are action-romance books.

The first books focussed on Ali (as in Alice in Zombieland), but this book is focussing on Frosty, one of the male slayers whose girlfriend, Kat (also best mate of Ali) has died and now visits him as a kind of ghost… a witness. Ali had a vision that Camilla, another slayer whose actions caused Kat’s death, is going to save Frosty’s life. Confused? It’s definitely worth reading the first three books before this to get the feel of the world and the characters. It’s been some time since I read this and Showalter is great at reminding the reader what came before, so it took me no time to get back into this world.

I don’t love the type of flirting that happens in the book, nor the text messages (though it’s no surprise to many that I write messages with full grammar, so text talk drives me a bit nuts), but I like the characters, and I like me a bit of zombie fighting action. Good fun fantasy romance.