A Wrong Turn at the Office of Unmade Lists by Jane Rawson – Book Review



The world is crap. Really crap. Post-apocolyptic crap. Much of Melbourne has been destroyed, there is very little by way of food, water, power; it’s just horrible. The UN is in Melbourne helping with some of the disasters. Sounds really depressing, yet Jane Rawson has written a funny and quirky book about it.

Caddy’s husband and cat were killed in an industrial explosion that blew up her house. She now lives day-to-day, scrounging money together from wherever she can to keep herself alive. She helped by Ray, who is her mate, her pimp and the man who is able to get his hands on just about anything. Ray discovers a map that has mysterious magical properties and from there, things get kind of weird. (Nah, it’s weird from the start).

I love so many of the concepts in this book. The quite destroyed world, the magical odd map, the constant strive for survival. I finished the book a few weeks ago and have been mulling over how I felt about it. With such a fabulous concept and wild ideas, I didn’t feel that she needed as many gags, but aside from this, it was a really good read that I thoroughly enjoyed.