Alamayer’s Folly (2011) MIFF Film Review


Based on a book by Joseph Conrad, Alameyer’s Folly tells the story of a Dutch man, Alamayer, who is trying to find gold in Malaysia. He is in a loveless marriage with a Malaysian woman and they have a child, Nina, who he adores. However, he is convinced to send her to a European boarding school to ensure she is accepted in white society. Nina hates being there and eventually runs away, hating the way she is treated. She leaves with Dain, a Malayan man, and Alamayer follows, intending to force her to stay.

It was a beautiful film, with long, slow scenes that were weighted like the heaviness of the tropical heat. However, it felt as though some of the key scenes were left out, and so there were some parts that I was confused about. In addition to this, the opening scene that was a flash forward, was never explained, and given how dramatic it was, it needed to be resolved.