Monsters University (2013) Film Review


So how did Sully (John Goodman) and Mike (Billy Crystal) become such a successful team? This takes some of our favourite characters from Monsters Inc back to their past at university –  with Sully as an arrogant jock, Mike a mega-swot desperate to become a scarer and Randy (Steve Buscemi), the future bad guy, as a geek and a nice guy.

I liked it. It was fun, the characters were as strong as in the earlier film, and it had the great sense of humour of so many of the Pixar flicks. It is a tricky task – to take characters that people love and put them in a different scenario. Especially as, for some parts of the film, the audience really doesn’t like Sully. I’ve heard many criticise that it was too similar to Monsters Inc and I reckon that is a stupid argument. Remember, this is still a film aimed at kids; if you expect something totally different, watch something totally different. Grumble over.


An Education (2009)


It’s the 1960s in London. Schoolgirl Jenny Mellor (Carey Mulligan) plays cello and is studying hard to get in to Oxford, pushed by her parents who have high ambitions for her. Suddenly, in the rain, she is swept off her feet by David Goldman (Peter Sarsgaard), an older, rich man who charms her parents into allowing her to go on sophisticated dates and even weekends abroad.

This doesn’t feel like an unfamiliar film, but I cannot say why. Certainly, the wonderful Carey Mulligan who plays the eager yet naïve schoolgirl beautifully brings it to life. It’s not a slow film, but it doesn’t race to go anywhere. Also, somehow, I wanted more from the end. I’m not sure what. I’m not sure that it could have put any more in to the end without annoying me, but I felt like I wanted just a bit more.