Amazing Facepainting

Forget about a tiger or a butterfly – it is amazing what people can do with a face and a bit of make-up. Here are some cool ones I found before becoming too upset at the number of extremely violent and scary Halloween ones (think unzipping faces to reveal muscles, cut aways, bites, and all very, very realistic-looking)


Putting a work of art on your face was pretty popular, like this American Gothic representation. The eyes on this freak me out. ┬áBut the Kiss one – that’s just beautiful!


I’m not sure who would want to dress up as either popcorn or a pineapple (perhaps a ‘p’ themed party?) but it’s good to know you can if you want to.

face paint art -fish-1

Aw, sweet. A couple’s costume. No wait… Argh!




I think these guys are almost cheating given the things which have been added on, but wow!


Starting to get creepy. Here are a couple more creepy ones:

amazing_face_painting_7253 hqdefault


And finally, an amusing and kind of sweet one.