America in Primetime

American television has dominated popular culture across the world for a very long time. It has been studied, torn apart and critiqued for almost as long. America in Primetime is a four-part documentary series that looks at some of the key constructs in American television. Each part of the documentary focused on a different aspect – Independent Women, Man of the House, The Misfit and The Crusader.

It is one thing to look at television from the outside in, whether from an academic or a more general perspective. It is a totally different thing to look at it from the inside, and this is what is a major feature of America in Primetime. It is full of interviews with actors, directors and producers of some of the most popular programs of recent years – and some older highly influential programs. Not only is this an excellent resource for anyone teaching or studying popular culture, but also, it is just plain entertaining.

America in Primetime screened recently on SBS, and the Independent Woman and The Misfit episodes are currently available at SBS On Demand

Below are just some of the people featured in the doco. How many can you pick?

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