Free Angela And All Political Prisoners (2012) – MIFF Film Review



USA/France  101 mins 

Angela Davis was a learned African-American academic who was studying in Germany when the civil rights movement kicked off in the 1960s. She returned, eager to take part in the change that was happening. She taught at UCLA until she was fired for admitting that she was communist. Not long after this, guns purchased by her were implicated in a crime where prisoners were attempted to be freed by force from court. A judge and several others were killed. Angela went into hiding, but was eventually discovered and locked up.

This film follows the events of this time and the subsequent trial with interviews from those involved, including Angela Davis, both then and now. It is fascinating to see, especially with knowledge of government scandals such as Watergate and, more recently, Wikileaks.

Free Angela and All Political Prisoners screens at Greater Union on Sunday, July 28 at 11am and on Monday, August 5 at 9pm. To book tickets, visit