Animals and food

Happy New Year!  And if you haven’t heard the news, it’s darn hot here in Melbourne. So, I decided to start the year with Google Images search for ‘hot’. Not surprisingly, all the images shown were women in their bikinis apart from this one.

So, I thought how about animals and food. I’m going to kick it off with animals made out of food.

Aw, eggplant penguins.

Cauliflower sheep.

It’s a broccoli dog. It’s really weird.

How about just some cute ones?


Teehee. It’s so little.

I don’t think this guy eats carbs. He looks pretty freaked out.

What an awesome photo!

That’s for anyone who thinks they were lonely New Year’s Eve. Think about this poor little dog who thinks he’s a human. I wish they had a shot of him opening the bubbles!

And finally, a pelican practical joke.

Happy New Year once again!