Pom Poko (1994) Film Review

When raccoons keep having their world destroyed by urban development, they decide to take matters into their own hands.

Studio Ghibli films are their own strange, wonderful, mysterious worlds. This is like Watership Down, only with terrorism and shapeshifting… it’s magnificently odd and wonderful.

Ice Age 4 – Continental Drift (2012) Film Review



How many times has this story been told? There is a teenage daughter who wants to break free and start to find her independence. There is an over-protective father who wants to keep her safe, but finds that his behaviour drives her away. It could be Hotel Transylvania, or any of another heap of films.

Clearly, I am not the key demographic for this film, so it probably doesn’t matter that I was bored. No amount of slapstick, witty commentary or awesome pirate characters could make up for my boredom. I seem to recall seeing the first Ice Age many years ago and thought it was a fairly decent kids film. Now, it has well and truly jumped the shark. But the sirens were pretty cool.