Buffy the Vampire Slayer – TV Review


I came late to the Buffy party. I think season five or six was screening in Australia by the time I started hiring them from my local DVD shop and making my way through the whole lot. I dread to work out how long I have spent watching this show (or indeed television in general…), but it was definitely worth it.

If you don’t know, Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) is a cheerleading high school student who lives a secret double life as a vampire slayer at night. She lives in Sunnydale, which is unfortunately located on the hellmouth, which means there are not only vampires, but demons of all kinds. Buffy’s watcher is Giles (Anthony Head) who works with her friends Xander (Nicholas Brendon) and Willow (Alyson Hannigan) to research and fight all the nasties. Then along comes Angel (David Boreanaz), a vampire who has a soul, and everything changes. And then later, Spike (James Masters) and Anya (Emma Caulfield) and so many more.

It’s the wit of the creator of the television series, Joss Wheedon, that I really love. Personally, I found Buffy to be an annoying, whiney spoilt brat, but she needed to be like this to give the show the structure it needed. Luckily she was surrounded by funny and quirky characters who made me laugh and kept me interested.

I want to watch it all again, but I have far more important things to do (and to watch). Perhaps I’ll just satisfy my witty vampire needs by re-watching the film the show was based on. I recall loving that one as well.