Battle Los Angeles (2011) Film Review


Aliens suddenly appear and kill everyone – apart from one small group of marines, led by an inexperienced Lieutenant and a Staff Sergeant who has just retired, but been dragged back into duty. The marines all know that, on his last mission, the Staff Sergeant led a group of men to their death, and they don’t trust him for peanuts. Yup, this film has everything needed for an awesome small group vs large unknown enemy type military film. And I totally loved it.

So much of it is just so close to being cliché – including the ending, which rings very close to Independence Day (which I also totally loved). But it doesn’t matter. In the end, there are invaders that are not human, using unmanned drones to carry out strikes against the civilian population, and I wanted them dead. Is this film making a comment about modern warfare, about in inhuman way that the modern war is carried out, with one side carrying far advanced technology and weapons against a much smaller force? Perhaps. Who cares? There are loads of explosions and Aaron Eckhart. It was ace.