Boytown (2006) Film Review


I loved Get Ready to be Boyzvoiced (2000) and so have been hesitant to watch Boytown for a long time. See, it’s about a boy band from the 80s who, twenty-something years later, decide to mount a comeback. I assumed a few things: the key one being that they would fail., and I didn’t think that would be all that funny. But what if they succeeded?

I loved it. It was ridiculous and the songs were, for the most part, pretty awful, but I quite enjoyed it. There were parts that I didn’t love – I found the stuck in the closet gay man plot quite trite, and the end was appalling. But despite those things, I really enjoyed it.

Stubborn monkey Disorder – Bob Franklin & Steven Gates

It’s a dark night in an abandoned location after a failed comedy festival show, and Steven Gates is searching for his mate Bob Franklin, concerned about his disappearance. Post-modern? Yup, in just the way I love it. Theatrical? Yup, but not in a wanky way. Just enough to give the story structure and highlight the laughs. Audience interaction? Not exactly. Someone had to stand and be spoken of.  Insane? Yeah, but only as much as a travelling pillow salesman can be.

And macabre. I’ve been wanting to find a place to include that word from the start of this review. Macabre. Dark and funny and absurd and fabulous. And macabre. Go see it.

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