Pitch Perfect (2012) Film Review


In colleges across America, there are a cappella groups who compete for prizes. Sort of like Glee, only in college. Pitch Perfect follows two groups from Barden University – the champion male group, the Treblemakers, and all-girl hopeful Barden Bellas. After a hilarious and gross disaster in the previous year’s event, Bellas members Becca and Chloe are struggling to put together a group, and end up with less-than-perfect physical specimens. But they have to find a way to pull together to win.

It’s corny and cheesy, but still a lot of fun. Really, it’s just like a singing version of Bring It On. No complaints here; I loved Bring It On. Personally, I wasn’t a fan of some of the comments Rebel Wilson made – I really liked her character but felt that the unnecessary racism was pretty tedious. I find racist humour just makes people look stupid. One could argue that Wilson’s character of Fat Amy is stupid and that’s why the racist comments should be allowed. Is that valid? Instinctively, I say no.