Army of Darkness (1992) Film Review

So, spoiler alert for Evil Dead II, Ash has been sent back hundreds of years and is at a castle somewhere (seemingly England, not sure how that happened) and has to defeat evil to be able to be sent forward to current day.

Magnificent. Wonderful. Fantastic. I loved this so much. Magnificently insane. There are just so many insane things, I really totally and utterly cannot believe that I haven’t seen this film until now. I will absolutely and totally be watching this again. So good.

Evil Dead II (1987) Film Review

It’s the same cabin in the woods from Evil Dead, and it’s the same protagonist, Ash (Bruce Campbell). There is some conjecture about whether it is a remake or a sequel, it’s kind of a remake but different. In this, rather than a group of mates in the cabin, it’s a romantic weekend. But the couple are joined by unexpected visitors – including evil.

For me, this was equally as ridiculous and wonderful as the first. Bruce Campbell is fabulous, the effects are as terribly magnificent as the first, it was just great. If you enjoyed watching the first one, you’ll enjoy the second, I reckon. Plus, it’s worth seeing what this guy can do with a chainsaw!

The Evil Dead (1981) Film Review

There’s a cabin in the woods in the middle of nowhere and five young people head there for a weekend away. Only, there is an evil entity that threatens them all.

If I’d seen this in a cinema in the early eighties (or actually, knowing me, even currently) this would have scared the pants off me. As it happens, watching with a group of mates with tasty snacks, it was more hilarious than scary. This is a low budget film from almost 40 years ago with magnificently dated special effects, and a questionable script – and it’s wonderful. I loved it so much, perhaps not in the spirit it was intended, but I still loved it.