Capturing Dad (2012) – MIFF Film Review


Japan  74 mins

Hazuki (Erisa Yanagi) and Koharu (Nanoka Matsubara) are sisters growing up in Numazu, Japan; one is in high school and one a bit older. Their mother (Makiko Watanabe) learns that their father, who left fourteen years earlier, is extremely ill and sends her daughters to his deathbed with one mission – to take a photo of him so she can laugh in his face. Neither girl is keen, but they follow their mother’s wish. When they arrive, they discover their father has passed away and they must deal with family they don’t know and grief that they can’t comprehend.

The film has a very low-budget feel, with simple shots and stilted acting. However, despite the flaws, it is a really heartfelt and delightful film. The daughters are both dutiful and gently rebellious, and the relationships feel genuine. Capturing Dad is an excellent choice for the Next Gen program – a film that raises issues around identity, death and family without being heartbreakingly painful.

Capturing Dad is screening at ACMI on Wednesday, August 7th at 11am and at ACMI on Friday, August 9th at 2pm. School bookings and teacher resources are available.