Child’s Pose (2013) MIFF Film Review


Romania 112 mins

Cornelia (Luminita Gheorghiu) is a very wealthy woman, mother of a grown son, Barbu (Bogdan Dumitrache) who is making choices with his life and love that she does not respect, and she does not keep quiet about this. However, when he hits a child with his car on the freeway, she goes all out to stop his from going to jail; using her contacts, power and money.

I did not like the style of the film – the hand-held camera work was extremely jerky and I could not see any particular reason that the film needed this style. Also, many of the scenes were far longer than I felt was necessary, although this did provoke a feel of discomfort in me which I expect was the intention of the filmmaker. I guess this is not a film that is made for people to enjoy, as such; more, to make you think about actions and consequences.  It is certainly deserving of the awards it has been receiving. Watching the film also allows me to go on one of my rants. Why will no-one take responsibility for their own actions? But I won’t get started now. I may never end.

Child’s Pose screens at the Forum Theatre on Friday, July 26 at 9:15pm and at Greater Union on Monday, August 5 at 6:30pm.

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