Monkey Grip (1982) Film Review

Monkey Grip

It’s the early eighties. Nora (Noni Hazelhurst) is a single mother with the most delightful young daughter, Gracie (Alice Garner) who is bouncing around from filthy shared house to filthy shared house, following various artistic pursuits. Along the way, she becomes obsessed with Javo (Colin Friels), a junkie who continually lets her down.

It’s gritty and horrible at times, and you just want to shake Nora and say “give up on him, he can’t give up his habit. He will always hurt you and you do have a small child to look after” but this is her story. I loved seeing Melbourne of thirty years ago, seeing familiar but also not familiar places, but the best parts of the film were those with the late, magnificent Chrissy Amphlett and The Divinyls.