Burlesque (2010) – Film Review

Ali (Christina Aguilera) is from a small town in the US, but wants to be a star. She moves to Hollywood and can’t get a break. Luckily, she comes across a small burlesque club. Not able to get a chance to audition for the club owner Tess (Cher), she begins waitressing and ends up sleeping on the couch of the extremely hot barman, Jack (Cam Gigandet). He has a girlfriend who is in a play in New York, but she’s never that important; you know where that sub-plot is going from the very start. Eventually, she auditions and gets a chance to go onstage. Oh, but the club is about to shut down because of debt and is about to be taken over by evil construction headed by Marcus (Eric Dane).

Yawn. Sorry, there is just too much plot and subplot in this film, and so many convenient coincidences. What’s more, it really didn’t need them. If you want to see a film with some pretty darn good singing and some raunchy but fun dance numbers, this is it. The story was far, far too over the top and unnecessary. Plus, if you’ve got Alan Cumming, you’re already winning in my mind. Especially if you can get him doing what he’s doing in this film. He’s an amazing performer. See everything he’s ever done. Even the Spicegirls movie.

If you can get past the crazy amount of story, it’s worth seeing. Cher does her great singing and gets through the acting (totally makes me want to see her other films, because to me, the acting in this was clunky and awful. But Cher’s been acclaimed for her acting. The other stuff must be better), but Christina Aguilera is marvelous. I had no idea who she was before this, although I had heard the name. Loved her. Totally fabulous.