Ovo – Cirque du Soleil – Theatre Review


The circus has come such a long way since the days of Water for Elephants. Okay, so that was a fictional book (and film) set in the great depression, but it’s the most recent thinking I have had about circuses. I don’t even know that there are still many circuses going around that use animals – at least, not in Australia. I’m bound to be wrong there, but I’m one of those tree-hugging hippies that would rather see animals in good quality zoos with appropriately sized and created enclosures than having them doing tricks for my amusement. But watching humans doing tricks for my amusement? Sure, go ahead.

Ovo is the current manifestation of Cirque du Soleil to play in Melbourne, and it is beautiful. The theme is the world of insects and spiders which has inspired a totally amazing set and beautiful costumes. It was a little disappointing for me that much of the action is directed at the middle section – sitting on the side, there were even a few things that I couldn’t see at all. However, there were always a few insects running around and doing other things, so I had something to watch.

My favourite? I don’t want to give too much away, but I think without a doubt, the grasshoppers were my favourite. Most of the show looked impressive and incredibly hard, but this section looked impressive, incredibly hard AND a ridiculous amount of fun.