Boys Will Be Boys by Clementine Ford – Book Review

Clementine Ford is a prominent feminist who is quite outspoken and hence gets trolled mercilessly and in a truly horrific fashion online. In this book, she addresses the way society’s attitude that ‘boys will be boys’ destroys not only women, but men. I know there are many people who will not read this because Ford doesn’t pull punches and can be aggressive in her language and humour. It’s a shame, because if they could get the message, perhaps they could see how things need to change for all of us. Please don’t read this as tone policing… while they need the message to be sugar coated, I need it to be bolshy and angry and true, and this book is a book that I both loved and hated. I love the way Ford writes and I loved this book. I hate that we need this book. But we do.