Click (2006) Film Review


All my love for Adam Sandler has gone. I’ve stuck up for him often, saying I quite like his films, saying they are not totally puerile with stupid, sickly sweet stories that are stupid. But I was wrong. At least, for those I have seen recently. Click is ridiculous and dumb. I hated it.

The idea is that there is a workaholic father who is aiming for a promotion in his company. Of course, this is coming at the expense of his relationships with his family. Plus, despite being a totally capable person, he cannot figure out which remote operates what in his house. Then he meets Morty (Christopher Walken) who gives him a universal remote control, however, it actually controls the world around him, not the appliances. Suddenly, he is skipping through most of his life and then he is really fat and divorced with a slut for a daughter. Yup. That’s where it went. And then (spoiler alert, but really, don’t watch this film!) it was all a dream! Um, really? Is that really what you are going to do with a film that was made in 2006? Really? Unbelievable. Just so bad.