Hot Tub Time Machine (2010) Film Review

A group of men (well, three men and one boy) go back in time in a faulty hot tub and… this is really as awful as it sounds. I used to really love John Cusack and I feel like I’d see anything he did, but this was one I avoided for so long and for good reason. It’s offensive, it’s homophobic, it’s misogynistic, it’s just plain awful and I cannot think of any reason for anyone to watch it. Actually, the soundtrack is ok.

This Is the End (2013) Film Review


It’s a celebrity party at James Franco’s house and everyone is famous and beautiful. There’s drink and drugs and ridiculous singalongs, and what more could you want? Oh, how about The Rapture, The End of Days, Apocalypse? Yup, all the good people have been taken, yet none of the celebrities at the party have gone. And then things get nasty.

I thought this film would be pretty rubbishy, with a few laughs and a lot of groans. And it was, but it was awesome! Dumb, stupid, ridiculous, and extremely funny. Ha!