I Give it a Year (2013) Film Review


So Nat (Rose Byrne) and Josh (Rafe Spall) are two opposites who fell in love, got married really quickly and no-on thinks they will last it out. Then there is the other love interests… Chloe (Anna Faris), a charity worker, the ex of Josh, who is a bit dumpy (well, she doesn’t style her hair too much and wears normal clothes, so she must be totally dumpy, yeah?) and then there is Guy (Simon Baker), a rich man whose account Nat is trying to get at work, and who just keeps sleazing on to her even whilst making joke about harassment.

It’s bound to go badly. And really, there are just so many shit things about this film. There is the fact that the married couple only seem to want to stay together to prove other people wrong or to not be the one who walks away, whilst both of them are lusting after other people. And it really is a pretty shit concept. And every time I thought it might go well, it went bad. It’s just not great, but a few things worked….

Okay the things that worked were really just the other people: the always wonderful Minnie Driver, the fabulous Daisy Haggard, and one of my favourite performers ever, the brilliant Olivia Colman.


Episodes – TV Review


I love British comedy. Not all British comedy – I just cannot bring myself to turn on Mrs Brown’s Boys – but a lot of it. Sometimes, someone in the US also likes a British sitcom and then everyone starts to worry; at least if the person liking it is  a producer. Episodes is a British/US collaboration on just this and it is marvellous.

Sean (Stephen Mangan) and Beverly (Tamsin Grieg) are a successful British writing team who have just won a BAFTA for their comedy Lyman’s Boys. Seduced by an American producer, they head to Hollywood to create an American version, and it is a disaster at every step – starting by replacing the main actor, Julian Bullard (played by the recently very sadly deceased Richard Griffiths) with youthful American star Matt Le Blanc (playing a wonderful fictionalised version of himself.

I loved it. It’s clever and witty and very hilarious. The cast is fabulous, not least the brilliant Daisy Haggard doing the most amusing faces as the head of comedy. I think the show is watching just for her reactions. Brilliant.