Dangerous Minds (1995) Film Review


LouAnne (Michelle Pfeiffer)is an ex-marine who becomes a teacher and her first job in is a rough inner-city high school in California. The kids are rough, their lives dominated by gang violence, and she struggles to find a way to connect to them.

It’s a weak film; what a shame. The best part of the film is the soundtrack, although perhaps that is because I really love Gangster’s Paradise by Coolio. The concept is fine. Even a classic – tough kids, middle-class teacher struggles then finds unusual ways to connect, even when these methods mean that she puts the bosses off side. There are much better versions of this; Freedom Writers and To Sir With Love are two examples that immediately spring to mind. But it is not totally awful; just under-explored. Perhaps if it was half an hour longer, it would have been more effective.