Nerve (2016) Film Review

There’s a new internet game sweeping New York City: Nerve. You can join as a player and complete dares for cash, or you can be a watcher and follow your favourite players as they perform increasingly dangerous dares. After an altercation with her mate, Sydney (Emily Meade), Vee (Emma Roberts) decides to join as a player. Before she knows it, she’s met up with Ian (Dave Franco) and they are racing through the city together. But is everything as it seems?

This is a terrible film, but it is actually an awesome film. What do I mean by that? Well, it’s terrible because it kind of doesn’t hit the marks it needed to; I feel like it was cut back to be less intense to hit a younger rating and younger market, but it should have gone harder. But it is an awesome film because, even though I was watching it and thinking that it should be more intense, my stomach was squirming and I was nervous – I wanted to yell at the screen because I was getting too stressed. I mean, I’ve never been great with suspense films, but this is a good one that isn’t that removed from what life could really be.


Now You See Me (2013) Film Review


J. Daniel Atlas (Jesse Eisenberg), Merritt McKenney (Woody Harrelson), Henley Reeves (Isla Fisher) and Jack Wilder (Dave Franco) are four magicians (of different varieties) who are brought together by a mysterious other, they don’t know why. They appear as a big new act in Las Vegas; “The Four Horsemen” and do a performance that lead FBI Agent Dylan Rhodes (Mark Ruffalo) and Interpol Agent Alma Dray (Melanie Laurent) investigating their every move. The magicians are being bankrolled by multi-millionare Arthur Tressler (Michael Caine) and the authorities are being assisted by a magician who now makes his money revealing tricks, Thaddeus Bradley (Morgan Freeman). But who is who, and what is really going on?

I’m not a massive fan of magic. It’s not that I don’t get it; I reckon I get as wowed as most people. I just don’t really care how it’s done. I’ll go along for the ride if I must, but I’d be just as happy avoiding it. What I do like is a really clever film that has everyone one step ahead of everyone else… or, at least, you never really know who is doing what for who and why. And I really, really love that moment at the end of a heist film where everything is revealed, or the final plan takes place. Spy films, too. What is really ace about this film is that there are several times when all this happens. It is fast, constantly confusing and totally amazing.

Loved it. Lots.