The World is Not Enough (1999) Film Review


It’s Bond. What more need I say? And my favourite Bond, Pearce Brosnan. The bad guy is Robert Carlyle, the villainess (or is she? Yes, no, they play this one well) is Sophie Marceau and the Bond Girl is Denise Richards (with the magnificent name of Dr Christmas Jones). There is a skiing chase, a high-speed tunnel thing chase whilst trying to disarm stuff. Fire, explosions, fancy frocks, suits and the whole kit and caboodle. Wonderful. Oh, and did I mention Robert Carlyle?


Starship Troopers (1997) Film Review



You want fighting and guns and big teeth and patriotism for the planet Earth? This is your film. Set sometime in the future, with Johnny Rico (Casper Van Dien), Dizzy Flores (Dina Meyer), Carmen Ibanez (Denise Richards) and Carl Jenkins (Neil Patrick Harris) graduating high school. There are two key options for them; college or service in the army – and with this comes citizenship. The world is in a universe overrun by alien insects, and soldiers are needed. If you get through the battle, you have additional rights that not citizens have. Rico, however, joins because he is in love with Carmen. Dizzy is in love with Rico. Carmen is kind of falling for Rico’s former sports rival, Zander (Patrick Muldoon). It’s not all soap opera, though. In training, these guys meet Ace Levy (Jake Busey) the man with the largest teeth ever and a desire to kill bugs.

Doesn’t sound like sophisticated festival fare? It’s not. It’s gory and gross, and overacted with a cheesy script and generally a whole heap of ridiculousness. I love it. I’ve seen it at least half a dozen times, and I fully intend to watch it again and again.