Downton Abbey – TV Review


I’m way slow off the mark for this one. Downton Abbey became a worldwide sensation when it was released in 2010, and it’s now 2013 and they have made four seasons. I’ve just watched the first season, and I understand why it is so popular. The characters are great and compelling and it’s really good storytelling.

The main plot one season in is about the Crawley family, who live and own Downton Abbey. With the sudden demise of two nephews in the sinking of the Titanic (a delightful little piece of historical context), there is doubt about who will inherit the property. With no son on the scene, it is going to be left to a distant relative who (*gasp*) has a career as a lawyer. How common.

It is not just the story of the Crawleys though. There is also the ‘downstairs’ part of the house – the servants who take care of the property. What I really enjoy is watching the plotting. Those who are evil are really quite evil, and the good folk are really good.

I may or may not ever totally catch up on the series. Whilst I’ve enjoyed, it hasn’t left me sitting on the edge of my seat desperate for more. I’ll just watch it when I can.