Fear by Michael Grant – Book Review


The kids in the FAYZ have separated into two distinct camps; those by the lake, led by Sam and those in town led by self-appointed King Caine. This is the book where so many of the premises that have been set up over the previous four books get challenged. Just when there seems to be a good thing going in relation to food production, the dome begins to turn black. If it goes totally black, there is no more food production and people will die. And, as Sam knows all too well, many kids are terribly afraid of the dark.

While I’ve come to love the characters and need to know what is going to happen to them, I’ve reached the point where I just want this series to end. It was very clever to start to see the outside world more and more in this book. Finally, it is confirmed that it does exist and they want to find a way to save those inside. But I want it over.