Fun With Dick and Jane (2005) Film Review


Lately, for no known reason, I have been re-watching films which I didn’t much like the first time. Seems ridiculous, I know. Having spent an hour and a half of my life watching something crap, why repeat it? Yet, several of these films that I didn’t like first time, I’ve really enjoyed second time around. Like this film.

The story goes that Dick (Jim Carey) and Jane (Tea Leoni) are a wealthy couple with a small child in a suburb where everything is about keeping up with the neighbours. Then, Dick is put into a position of being the face of a company that suddenly crashes due to nefarious dealings by the company head, Jack McCallister (Alec Baldwin) and their lives unravel.

It is much more cleverly written than I recall. I think that it could have been a far better film with the same premise had it been a lot less over-the-top, however perhaps losing the physical comedy and ridiculousness would destroy any way of making the film work. I do like Jim Carey, although this is far from his best role. I doubt I’ll ever watch it again, but if it comes on telly and there’s nothing else on, I’ll probably have a chuckle or two.