I’ve reckoned that 500 times. And I’m continuing to reckon that.

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I thought I’d take a little space to blow my own horn – but not too much! I started this blog on September 26, 2011 to see if I could make money blogging. I gave it a few weeks, but didn’t have the volume. Writing the blog has always been an excellent way to procrastinate a variety of other things in my life – most notably, writing (and rewriting) my novel. And before you ask, no, I haven’t rewritten it… yet. What ireckonthat has become more than anything else is a record of the films and television shows that I have watched and books I’ve read. It’s more for me, but if anyone else like it, then ace.

Interestingly, I occasionally check the stats that WordPress provide. What has amazed me is that recently, the blog has gone worldwide. Above, I’ve chucked on the map that shows where the people who have viewed my blog are. Check it out! That’s almost the whole world! (I’m not going to get down about the fact that the majority of countries have only had one visitor. I guess I’m just a glass half full kinda gal)

If you are wondering what these countries are called, your geography is probably as good as mine. So here’s a list.

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The final interesting fact is that I have had more visitors from the US that Australia. That is amazing.


There’s one thing I’d really love to know, if you would please take a moment to comment. How did you hear about this blog? Thanks!

More comments. Make me laugh.





More strange comments. How challenging.Screen shot 2013-01-10 at 6.12.46 PM


I have fun with, result in I don’t understand what you mean. But I’ll take the blessing and will indeed attempt to have a great day.

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I love offering helpful information to paintings on. Hang on, ‘probably’ be thankful to me? Probably? Not good enough, if it truly is an impressive job.

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I’m glad you constant checking of this blog has inspired you. I do my best.

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But, what concerning the conclusion? What? I’m not sure that I trust that I am intelligent given the confusion of the rest of this comment.

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You’re welcome. I hope indeed there are several more fun situations for those who discover my site.

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That is just rubbish. Marvellous.


My apologies to anyone who receives these posts by email for the onslaught about to come

I have decided to add all of the reviews I did for MIFF 2011 and MIFF 2012. There are about 60 reviews. I believe each one will come through as a separate email, and that is going to be terribly annoying for you. I am sorry. Please, delete at your will. Many of the films I have reviewed will not be easy to access, so the reviews may not be interesting to you. If there was a way I could see to stop these being emailed to you, I would So, again, i apologise. I hope to have these completed today and resume normal services tomorrow.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. Perhaps some of these reviews may be useful for you in the future!

Comedy Mojo

For ages, I lost my comedy mojo. I would go to shows and laugh. But I think it has been years since I went out of my way to see much. Usually, I would just tag along with mates who got the tickets and I’d have a chuckle. I can’t tell you what has changed, but something seems to have. I’ve got my comedy mojo back.

Like many people of my age, the Big Gig started up my love for comedy. Even stuff which wasn’t all that funny, I loved it. I was totally obsessed with DAAS and from that has arisen a long-standing friendship with my buddy, Prue. Then there was the D-Gen and the Late Show. Fabulous. There was the Cheeseshop and New Joke City and the Star and Garter. I think in 1994 not more than a fortnight would go by without us getting to something.

Then I worked for a Comedy Venue and started to get jaded. Hearing the same act for a whole Christmas season nearly broke me – even now, I find myself quoting Wil Anderson, Christine Basil and bless him, Dave Grant.

Then, there was the festival club. At the time, I had my festival pass and could get in for free. I seemed to not mind giving most of my wages to the Hifi and lived close enough to get a taxi home. I saw a lot of the comedy and started to question why. Stand-up lost its appeal. There just seemed to be little that I liked about someone standing in front of a microphone trying to make me laugh. The Boosh were in town and I’ve always loved the surreal and the absurd, so I still got a giggle from them. And then it went quiet.

Not totally quiet, of course. There were a lot of things I saw and I loved, but I always felt a bit uninspired. I stopped working in hospitality, I moved out of Melbourne, I moved back to Melbourne but much further out and I’d find that at the end of the Comedy Festival, I had seen very little. It never bothered me. I just wasn’t into it so much anymore. I guess I saw more plays and stuff. I still love the live element.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, I’m back. I’ve been to a heap of stuff already, including trials, previews and I’m really, really enjoying it. I’m even booking tickets in advance. What I want to do is share what I’ve seen in reviews, chuck ‘em up here and try to inspire others to get out and see stuff. But, as you know from the lack of posts here lately, I’ve been finding it really hard to take the time to write. I’m working on it, and I hope you’ll see a lot more from me here soon. So, in the meantime, I’ll post them as I get to it, but here are the shows I’ve seen and really and truly urge you to get out and see them – almost all of them run through to Sunday April 22, apart from Daniel Kitson which is over, Million Dollar Tegan which as has one last show Sat 21, and both Justin Hamilton and WATSON – Shakespeare Fight Club finish on Sat 21.

I’m back!

So, I’ve been finding writing/posting a bit difficult lately, but after moving house and currently changing employment status again, I intend to get back to regular posts. And having a day off ill today (darned stomach), I’m going to post the stuff I’ve written over the past few weeks and months. Apologies to anyone who feels bombarded, and rest assured, there will not be such a wicked burst of activity for some time – I’ll work on getting back to a couple a week after this!

Please be careful on two wheels

I saw something today that made me upset and angry. It was some very poor riding by a motorcyclist who nearly wrote himself off, then spent the next kilometre or two abusing the driver of the car that he almost threw himself under, nearly flinging himself off his bike several times in the process. He was riding terribly. He cut in front of this car to avoid a bus that had stopped at a bus stop, then blamed the car for not stopping suddenly to let him in. He didn’t even indicate. And straight after this, he wanted to turn left and cut another car off, although he did indicate this time.

I’m not a bike hater. I know heaps of people who hate bicycles and motorbikes and think they should be off the road. I love the sound of the groups of cycles wooshing down Beach Rd in the morning. Yes, I get annoyed when they break the rules, but it’s no more common in my experience as drivers and pedestrians doing the same.

All I ask is that you guys take care of yourselves. I’ll be careful driving around you, but I can’t say the same for everyone else. Some drivers just don’t care. Please, please. Be careful. And to that guy this morning: I think you are too angry to be in charge of a bike. Or on the road. Go, lay down for a bit, perhaps meditate. Then get on a bus.