Tais-toi! (Ruby & Quentin) (2003) Film Review


Ruby (Jean Reno) has stolen a lot of money from a gangster and ended up in prison with Quentin (Gerard Depardieu), the most annoying man in the world. While Ruby is plotting to escape, Quentin follows, dreaming of the pub they will run together one day; The Two Friends. Quentin hinders as much as he helps, and neither the police nor the other crooks are any good at taking charge.

It’s silly funny, with lots of fabulous slapstick and ridiculousness (Quentin manages to injure Ruby’s leg just after fixing his dislocated shoulder), though it is very dated. The cross dressing and homophobic slurs would have been perfectly in place in the sixties and seventies, but 2003? At least it was enjoyable to watch Jean Reno and Gerard Depardieu together on-screen.



Asterix and Obelix Take On Caesar (1999) Film Review


Based on the fabulous Asterix comics that I grew up reading, this French follows the people of a small Gaulish village as they hold out against the invaders from Rome. Aided by a wizard who creates a magic potion to give them super human strength, they are always ultimately victorious.

Asterix has been made into a series of cartoons, but now there are live-action films. Asterix is played by Christian Clavier and Obelix by none other than Gerard Depardieu, and there is a lovely appearance by Roberto Benigni as Lucius Detritus. It’s a fun film, probably a good film for the kids. It does capture the spirit of the comic books, but I have to say that I prefer the comics.