Introducing the ‘lanno’

As you all know, I am at the cutting edge of fashion. So, I’d like to introduce a concept that my mate Brad has dubbed the ‘lanno’ – that is, the lady flanno, or the flannelette shirt worn by a lady. Here’s a few examples.

I thought I’d look into the history of this, as it is important to pay respect to whence you came. Whilst the name is new, I believe the lanno itself had its first appearance in the fashion world in the early nineties with the emergence of grunge.

Now, it is worn by a variety of lady celebrities, such as Lindsay Lohan:

and Mary-Kate

The new fashion with the lanno is the lanno-dress, as modelled below by Heidi Montag and someone else.

And if you are still not won over by the lanno-dress, then you should know that even sexy computer avatars are into it.

Personally, for me, these are all a bit lame. To be a real lanno, you need to have puffed sleeves or frills. Otherwise, you’re just cross-dressing in a man’s flanno. Luckily for me, I have found the ultimate lanno. Behold.

Lanno. Go hard or go home.