For Those Who Can Tell No Tales (2013) Film Review


Bosnia and Herzegovina 82 mins

While it feels like a documentary in many ways, For Those Who Can Tell No Tales is a fiction that is based on the real events of Kym Vercoe’s trips to Bosnia-Herzegovina. Visiting the stunning town of Visegrad in the middle of summer, Kym has an odd experience, and it is only when researching on her return to Australia that she discovers a very deep, dark and horrific secret. She is haunted by this, and eventually is compelled to return and see if she can put her own mind at rest.

This film is just so thought-provoking; how does a country that was torn apart by a war with atrocities that are unthinkable rebuild? It is a question that is so important to many countries around the world because of the continuing horrors that will leave many countries broken. It also raises the question of the place of the outside eye to judge. When you come to a country to holiday and visit, how much of the past should you know?

I felt that the film could have used a bit more work on the structure, most particularly the end. Although perhaps that is because these questions are too hard to answer, and any ending would have left me hanging.

For Those Who Can Tell No Tales screens at ACMI on Saturday May 10 at 6pm. For more information, visit Tickets available at the ACMI box office or call 8663 2583.

Light Fly, Fly High (2013) Film Review

India 80 mins


Thulasi is a poor, runaway girl born as a Dalit (untouchable) in India with little future other than marrying and continuing to live in poverty. One thing she has going for her, however, is that she can box. She trains at a girls boxing gym, but at 24, she has less than a year to prove herself. It is a race not only against time, but against the society she lives in and the corrupt men who run the sport.

It is a depressing film, there is no doubt about that. Every time it seems there is something that is working for her, something else steps in her way. Yet, there is something uplifting in her tale. Even when she seems to be beaten, she has a way of pulling herself up.

Light Fly, Fly High screens at ACMI on Sunday May 11 at 6pm. For more information, visit Tickets available at the ACMI box office or call 8663 2583.

Everyday Rebellion (2013) Film Review

Switzerland 118mins


Across the world, people are using peaceful resistance and protest to challenge injustices. Sometimes, they are very creative. A lot of the time, they are very annoying.

Or at least, that is how it appears in this film. Though I think that may have as much to do with the poor editing that allows scenes to run for far too long and jumps seemingly randomly from one country to another. Perhaps it is because I am not clear on the point of some of the causes. I found the documentary that screened at last year’s MIFF – 99% – The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film – was very interesting. It clearly outlined what Occupy was about. Everyday Rebellion seemed to me to be showing what people were doing but without a clear idea of why or what they want to achieve. I guess I just get frustrated with people screaming for change without any idea of how this change can be feasible. And if I see one more ‘human megaphone’ (a whole bunch of people amplifying one persons comments by repeating in a group) I may punch someone.

Clearly, not everything in the Human Rights Arts and Film Festival is for everyone.

Everyday Rebellion screens at ACMI on Sunday May 18 at 6pm. For more information, visit Tickets available at the ACMI box office or call 8663 2583.